About project of Rezidence Malostranská

Residential house Malostranská is located in a quiet area of Brno, Starý Lískovec, where you find the perfect balance between life in the city and the nature. My main goal when designing Malostranská was to create a project which would emanate the cosy atmosphere of a favorite destination which Starý Lískovec has become over the last few years.

Housing units are designed to attract young people which desire to own an apartment in a quiet area of the city. All above mentioned affected then the creation of our sale strategy. We knew from the beginning that we want to minimalize all the expenses of acquisition. We decided to cut off totally real estates with their fees and commissions. We sell appartments directly to our clients and therefore we are responsible for the quality.

A difficult task which wouldn´t be doable without the necessary experience. Since 1994 we have successfully realized many constructions and several similar projects. I will be sincerely honoured to get to know you through our project!

Ing. Aleš Reitoral


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